Consultant Franchises: What’s Hot in the Consulting World

Consulting franchises are lean, fast-paced businesses that tend to respond well to economic growth and new industry ideas. As industries shake off the effects of the recession, turn toward globalization, and get ready to adopt new ideas, consulting franchises are facing plenty of opportunities for exciting new growth. If you have the requisite business skills and are considering opening a consulting companies, check out the latest consulting franchises at and keep in mind the latest trends.

Business Management: Business management is one of those consultant niches that is nearly always reliable. Companies are often willing to hire an outside consultant when it comes to improving their performance or adopting the latest techniques. This is especially true in the mid-2010s as businesses begin to recover from the slow years and growth starts to pick up the pace. In this case, it’s best to pick a particular department to specialize in (like enterprise resource management, customer management, etc.) or focus on a particular technique, like team building. This will help you earn the right certification more quickly.

Investment and Fundraising: Investment and fundraising is also on the rise, as new companies search for ways to find investors and the capital they need to push on into further expansion. Many lack the contacts they need and are not sure where to start. If you have experience in investment, you can step in and offer services that these new companies desperately need. You may also want to brush up on the latest trends, like peer-to-peer investment and fundraising for NPOs.

Financial Management: Financial is similar to investment consulting, but applies primarily to individuals who want to grow their portfolios or invest in a particular instrument. This field may be dominated by a few big firms, but there’s plenty of room in the long tail for you to specialize in specific types of investment. If you have experience in the international market, helping older couples reach their retirement goals, or a similar specialty, put it to work. Many people appreciate a small-time touch when it comes to talking about their finances.

Cost Cutting: Cost cutting is a big deal for new businesses trying to survive and mid-sized companies looking to cut their expenses and invest more effectively in other areas. If you are looking for a high-growth consultation option, start searching for franchises that work to identify unnecessary expensive and cut them out of budgets to help keep costs down. There are plenty of opportunities in this field.

Green Industries: Many businesses want to green up their practices, but aren’t sure where to start. You can step in and offer advice on renewable energy, waste management, and other helpful practices that can help them get into the green and start saving money. There are also many companies fully within the green industry that want to know how to establish contacts, sell their renewables, and develop the necessary network to survive.

Compliance and Regulation: Compliance and regulations shift frequently to keep up with the latest standards. This is especially true in the security and tech worlds, where compliances tend to move quickly to keep up with faster devices, different uses for data, privacy concerns, and malware attacks. If you have legal and industry experiences in these sorts of protocols and regulations, put it to use helping out bewildered businesses.

Media Coaching: Media coaching can stretch into several different, high-growth fields. Some companies may need advice on building social media. Others may be lost when it comes to making a mobile plan. Others want advice on detail data management or cloud computing. Marketing enthusiasts and tech masters take note!