Formula One Paddock Club

Have you packed your bags and gotten your tickets for the greatest race in history? What are you waiting for? The World Grand Prix season is just around the corner! With 20 locations around the world to choose from, you can have your passport stamped in any country for the race you so want to watch. You don’t have to travel alone. After all Formula One is more exciting to watch in numbers. So grab your family and or friends to experience this amazing spectacle live.

You can select great options for you to experience the World Grand Prix however you see fit and to what your taste for the high life can fulfil. You will be able to enjoy private air conditioned lounge and stands on first rate balconies and live spectacular views of the race. If this is your kind of thing, then the F1 One Paddock Club is the best and only VIP area available at the Grand Prix. Enjoy nothing but first class service and hospitality while watching the Grand Prix races. Formula One Paddock Club benefits and perks include, but are not limited to:

  • 4 course gourmet and fine dining
  • The best vantage points to view the race from the Pit Buildings
  • Luxurious and comfortable lounges
  • Privileged all access F1 Paddock Club Pass to a race circuit
  • Open Mum Champagne Bar
  • Official ear plugs and Grand Prix race programme
  • Pit Lane walks
  •  Access to the Support race Track
  • Entertainment and Formula One video games

This is the ultimate World Grand Prix experience. If you and your family or friends want to feel like part of the team, you can also upgrade to be a guest of the top Formula one team for the entire weekend. What better way to top your weekend experience than receiving exclusive access to the Pits and mingle with your favourite Formula One drivers and team mechanics. Formula 1 Paddock Club extras and upgrades include but are not limited to:

  • Private suites that are located above the garage of your favourite Formula one Team
  • Personal hostess to welcome you and cater to you and your guests
  • Full use of all the Formula One Paddock Club facilities
  • Enjoy VIP and start studded guest appearances
  • An all-day open bar and gourmet food
  • Reserved parking
  • Access to Pit Lane and Formula One Garage Access at set times
  • An opportunity to meet and greet the Formula One Drivers
  • Awarded Prize giving and team souvenirs and paraphernalia for each guest daily
  • A two day Formula One Paddock Club options available on request

If you want the best money has to buy and offer at the World Grand Prix then you need to purchase F1 Paddock Club tickets. There is no denying the benefits and perks of the Formula One Paddock Club are worth all the memories you will take home at the end of a great weekend with family and or friends. The unsurpassed luxury and first class experiences will be worth every penny.