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The Rise Of Payday Loans And Its Trends And Benefits In The Current Scenario

If you are looking for some quick cash to meet your urgent need, payday loan is something that you can consider. This is a relatively new concept in the market and a lot of people are unaware about these quick cash advances or loans. So far, people used conventional methods for procuring loans which were mainly through personal loans or credit cards. But, a lot of things have changed and these traditional methods have had their own limitations. Credit cards are convenient, but people often end up paying more than they actually borrowed by paying the minimum amount over a long period of time.

Payday loans vs. credit card vs. personal loans

Credit cards have been designed by banks or other financial institutions to benefit them as users have to pay interests in addition to their late payments. On the other hand, personal loans are considered to be a much better option for people looking for additional money. However, the process of getting a personal loan can be complex and time consuming. Banks or other financial lenders often go through a ton of paperwork and check the credit worthiness of the borrowers before making the payment. This is the reason why there has been a significant rise in the number of people opting for payday loans.

Hassle free and convenient

Payday loans are convenient and hassle free. Individuals who are not eligible for credit cards can choose this type of loan to meet their needs. However, payday loans have a bad reputation in the market because of their diverse portfolios and high rate of interest. Even then people choose these loans over conventional loans. These types of loans are extremely popular among certain income groups in the society. So, if you are still skeptical about payday loans, you can go through some of the online sources to find out their advantages and disadvantages. This will help you to decide whether you want to opt for these types of loans or not.

Benefits of payday loans

Payday loans are fast and convenient with minimum paperwork. You can get the amount in your bank account within hours of getting it sanctioned. This speedy cash transaction is something that even banks can’t match. This is simply because the process takes place online which makes the process of applying and disbursing loans extremely fast paced. Interested borrowers need to visit online websites of lenders and fill in their details in the application form to get the loan amount in their bank account.Since these are short-term loans there is no waiting period as such. Moreover, you can quickly pay off your debts in this type of loan schemes. Failure to pay the amount in time will mean that you have pay additional charges and interests along with the due amount.

Other additional features of payday loans

Payday loans have been designed to provide financial assistance to a large number of people. Occasionally, lenders face defaulters and that is the reason why they design their loan schemes to avoid such issues. They do not take action against such people, but they ban them from getting loans. The chances of getting these loans are quite high as these are of small amounts for a stipulated period of time that generally lasts for a couple of weeks. So, the risks associated with such loans are meager. Therefore, you will find that these lenders have a huge customer base. However, it is better to choose a reliable & reputed lender for payday loans to avoid discrepancies.

Unsecured Personal Loan – Some Of The Key Factors To Look For

Borrowing money as a loan is a common factor in most people’s life. At some point, we all need additional money to meet certain emergencies. You may need additional money to meet your medical expenses, car repair expenses, home repairs and others. There are high chances that you take out unsecured personal loan which can negatively affect your credit rating in the future. This is where one needs to be cautious and deal with loans in a planned manner than taking hasty decisions. However, there is a wrong notion that you need a healthy credit score to be eligible for loans. Loan eligibility criteria have changed a lot and credit rating is not an essential requirement anymore.

Changing market dynamics and loan policies

After the global recession, banks and other financial institutions have changed their lending policies. Therefore, applying for a loan in this current market scenario is like visiting the Queen. These days, there are plenty of products that one can avail to meet their current contingencies. These products are available even available to individuals with bad credit rating. This implies that more & more people are choosing bad credit unsecured loans from money lenders to meet their daily or monthly requirements. Most of these loans are available for a period ranging from one to three years. You need to decide the amount of loan and the period to repay the borrowed amount. Moreover, repaying your debt within the stipulated period will save you from paying high interest rates.

Five Sure-Bet Franchises in 2014

According to statistics put out by the Wall Street Journal, the median pre-tax income franchisees earn is $50K-$75K per year, with 11% reporting $150,000 of pre-tax income. That means there are quite a few opportunities out there to cash in on franchise investment. The trick is knowing just where to look. Here are five franchises that are poised to be top earners in 2014.

Anytime Fitness

One need only look at the menus in another popular franchise option – fast food restaurants – to see a trend towards healthier eating. This desire to lead a healthier life extends beyond diet to the fitness realm as well. Recent high obesity rates and overall incidents of diabetes were a wake up call to Americans, and now many are hitting the gym. Anytime Fitness is one such option that has made quite a name for itself since opening its doors in 2002. With over 2,000 stores nationwide, it boasts being one of the fastest growing franchises around. And with 24-hour facilities, it’s a good bet for anyone looking to cash in on the ‘round the clock fitness craze.

Dunkin’ Donuts

This option makes the list because it is poised to make a big splash in the franchise world in 2014. Dunkin’ Donuts has been known mostly as an East Coast chain of sugar/caffeine shops since its start in 1950. However, the organization is quickly re-imagining itself as an all-day establishment serving up nearly as many healthy snacks as they do delicious donuts. Not only that, but they’re on the cusp of a great westward expansion, as they intend on opening multiple locations in California. Some estimates suggest there may be as many as 1,000 franchise units up for grabs after this move.


Unfortunately, disaster readiness is a very real factor in modern life. Servpro has been providing assistance in this area since 1967. Over the ensuing decades, the operation has grown in size to the point that it has become one of the most effective responders to local emergencies. Their Storm Team, for example, sent hundreds of crews to flood-ravaged areas such as Colorado in 2013. Now aligned with the Red Cross’ Ready Rating program, Servpro offers training to local businesses and individuals on disaster preparedness and assessment.


7-11 consistently makes the list of top-franchise opportunities in the country due to its impressive brand recognition. The organization has been very effective at marketing themselves as more than a convenience store by implementing hot-food menus and even offering housewares. Their overall business strategy is very franchise-oriented, as they tend to buy local convenience stores and reserve them as franchise units. That means there is a cache of 1,100 stores ready for willing franchisees to pick up.

Hampton Hotels

This is one of the pricier franchises on the list (a single hotel requires a minimum investment of $3.7 million), but it ranks as one of the most profitable around. Hampton has some 1,900 units throughout the world and they are only expanding, having opened locations in Russia, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands and 14 U.S. states in 2013 alone. The secret of their success comes from crafting a brand celebrating American comfort, cleanliness and hospitality at budget prices. This is what keeps Hampton thriving even through downturns in the global economy.

Each of the above options is primed for franchise investment this year. More importantly, each is in the perfect position to yield the most profit for whatever savvy investor takes advantage of the opportunity.

Peter Bowman is a professional blogger that provides tips and information on franchise opportunities you should invest in. He writes for Franchise Expo, the place to find the best franchise opportunities available.

What You Need to Know About Legacy Franchises

It is true: McDonald’s is the largest fast food franchisor in the world with US sales three times that of its nearest competitors, Wendy’s and Burger King. McDonald’s has been in business since the 1950s and franchises can be found nearly everywhere. But, if you are buying into the golden arches you’ll need a golden nest egg too as McDonald’s franchises are among the most expensive ones in the world.

If you’re shopping for a legacy (long-established) franchise, you’ll want to keep in mind several important points.

Single-Unit Operators Need Not Apply

Years ago you could buy a single-unit franchise and operate it as a mom and pop business. The advantage here was enormous: franchise owners had full control over the day-to-day operation of their business, with many owners operating as general managers.

Those days are over, especially with the legacy franchises. Today, nearly every established franchise is looking for multi-site operators, owners with dozens if not hundreds of franchises under their belts. You need ample financial resources to work in this environment which explains why many such operators are also publicly traded businesses.

Your Background is at the Forefront

Start up franchises want business savvy folk, but they’re not as stringent as legacy franchises when it comes to ownership experience. However, if you are a multi-unit operator, you’ll need not just the financial resources, but the management experience to oversee your operation.

Franchise groups are run like a corporation with chairman, a board, and management accountability. Unit managers must have business experience, assembling the staff and crew to run each operation. It isn’t enough to market a product, rather staff development is essential to making money.

Franchise Oversight is a Drag

From the franchisor’s perspective, a single-unit operator is a drag. After all, if the company must keep tabs on 100 different operators instead of five or six mega operators, the administrative task becomes a burden.

It isn’t that franchisors are lazy. Rather, they are in the business of making a profit. Those profits are best realized when each unit is operated successfully. With strong, multi-unit franchises at play, higher profit margins are realized. And higher profits make for happy shareholders.

Real Estate is Too Expensive

Have you checked out land prices recently? Try finding anything cheap these days and you’ll be disappointed. Especially within 50 miles of most metropolitan areas. America’s population has increased sharply, with density raising the price of real estate.

Way back when you could buy land cheaply, pay for an inexpensive franchise and manage your business. Today, few individuals have the pockets to come up with the franchise fee, buy land and build a unit. That is if you’re looking to establish a legacy franchise.

Franchise Alternatives

Fortunately, there are dozens of smaller franchise operations that require much smaller upfront costs. Some don’t even require you to purchase real estate especially a business that is launched and managed from your home.

Alternative franchises can be found in a variety of fields including commercial cleaning, travel, exercise, tax preparation, auto glass repair, supplemental education, cabinet refinishing, corporate event planning, property management, and sewer cleaning.

Start up costs range from just under $3,000 to about $50,000 with each of the examples given. Add in your bookkeeping, attorney review, licensing and related fees and you just may have four an affordable franchise where single-unit operators dominate and are warmly embraced.

Peter Bowman is a professional blogger that provides tips and information on franchise opportunities you should invest in. He writes for Franchise Expo, the place to find the best franchise opportunities available.

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